How to Install JDownloader2 Headless Ubuntu 18.04

Wow, it’s been just over 3 weeks since my last post! Sorry for the long delay I have been quite busy with work, school and preparing for Network+ certification.

Unfamiliar with JD2, and curious what the heck it is? Well quite simply it is a way to mass download multiple files at once; in sort of a set it and forget it way. Let’s say you want to download a file, but it is split into 10 .rar files. Downloading each individual would be a burden. JD2 will scrape any link you give it and return all downloadable content, then present you the ability to select which content you want to download. Furthermore, once all 10 .rar files are downloaded it will also extract and even delete rar afterwards if you set that as an option.

1. First we are going to make an account at My.JDownloader, which we will use later.

2. Now that we have registered. Lets go ahead and install Java and get JD2.

sudo apt install openjdk-8-jre-headless

3. Now we are going to move JD2 and change the owner.

sudo mkdir /opt/jdownloader
sudo mv JDownloader.jar /opt/jdownloader
# This is media:media needs to be whatever user:group you prefer
sudo chown media:media /opt/jdownloader

4. Now we are ready to install JD2. Keep in mind you will have to run the below command a few times as it will update and exit.

java -jar /opt/jdownloader/JDownloader.jar -norestart

5. You will get to a point where JD2 prompts you with something like below. This is where we enter our login credentials from step 1.

|---------------------------Headless Information-------------------------------
| MyJDownloader Setup
| Los datos de la cuenta de 'My.JDownloader' no son correctos.
| Compruebe su Nombre de Usuario/Correo Electrónico y Contraseña!
| Enter y -> Enter Logins
| Enter n -> Exit JDownloader
$ y
| Please Enter your MyJDownloader Email:
| Please Enter your MyJDownloader Password(not visible):

6. Now we are going to create a new systemd unit to Autostart JD2 on boot.

# Execute this with your favorite editor, I prefer GEDIT but Nano works just as well.

sudo gedit /etc/systemd/system/jdownloader.service

# Copy all below, remember to replace media with your user and group.

Description=JDownloader Service

ExecStart=/usr/bin/java -Djava.awt.headless=true -jar /opt/jdownloader/JDownloader.jar


7. Lets enable the service and start it!

sudo systemctl enable jdownloader.service
sudo systemctl start jdownloader.service

8. Now lets open the web interface so we can use JD2 in its headless form. Visit and use the login credentials in step 1. Once you click the user after logging in, you will see something like this.

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